mardi 7 juillet 2015

Various - Statement 1961

Style:Industrial, Noise, Experimental


LP-A1–Con-Dom Behind The Wall
LP-A2 –Slogun This Is Mine / Do Nothing
LP-A3 –Blackhouse Why I Love The Theatre So
LP-B1 –C.O. Caspar Splitter Im Kopf
LP-B2 –Ex.Order Death Pulse
LP-B3 –Folkstorm Indoktrination (Mz.412 Remix)
LP-B4 –nEGAPADRÉS.3.3. Transe Ov Extropy
LP-C1 –Sardh Martyr
LP-C2 –Gerechtigkeits Liga Monofonie
LP-C3 –Last Dominion Lost Hell To Pay (Warts And All)
LP-C4 –Grey Wolves, The & United States of Hell 666 / The Writings On The Wall
LP-D1 –Stadion Der Weltjugend Für Immer. Gropiusstadt.
LP-D2 –Der Blutharsch Untitled
LP-D3 –Von Thronstahl Reisswolf
LP-D4 –Bearer Of The Inmost Sun Letzer Wille
7-A1 –:Of The Wand & The Moon: 18.03.02
7-A2 –Hekate (2) Heimfahrt
7-B1 –Lady Morphia A Faustian Winter
7-B2 –Belborn Information Ist Macht (Futter Fürs Volk)
CD-1 –Bad Sector Receptor (Mix 02)
CD-2 –Apoptose 137 Cs
CD-3 –S.E.T.I. Found Failure
CD-4 –Predominance Quantum Statics
CD-5 –Asmorod Metal Sea
CD-6 –Schloss Tegal Traces Of Material
CD-7 –P.A. Browse* Formative 01: Jurgen Bartsch
CD-8 –Autopsia Nachtlandschaft
CD-9 –Reutoff One Hour
CD-10 –Sigillum S Double Border / Reignited Bioreaktor
CD-11 –Thorofon Not Unlike Morbid Blood
CD-12 –Illusion Of Safety Ground Once
CD-13 –Ultra- La Reunion
Various - Statement 1961-CD
Various - Statement 1961-LP01
Various - Statement 1961-LP-02
Various - Statement 1961-EP