samedi 3 août 2013

Various - Tied To An Abuse

Label:Nil By Mouth Recording NBM23TAPE
Format:Cassette, C48 Cassette, C50
All Media, Compilation, Limited Edition
Style:Power Electronics, Noise


A01-Climax Denial - Relax And Come Back To Me
A02-Cloama - Sunshine
A03-Propergol - Blunt Force Injuries
A04-Grunt - Domestic Bruises
A05-Government Alpha - A.U.
B01-Black Leather Jesus - Face Hime And Accept His Demands
B02-Barrikad - E. Jelinek
B03-Steel Hook Prostheses - Children's Ward
B04-Bizarre Uproar - Untitled
B05-humiliHATE - Sick World
C01-Wertham - Council Flat
C02-Griefer - Digital Camera
C03-Eleczema - Because It's My Nature
C04-Fear Konstruktor - Game With No Winners
C05-Alo Girl - Silent Action
D01-Content Nullity - Through The Eye Of A Child
D02-Sick Seed - Phoenix With Phallus
D03-Taeter - Lower Trash
D04-Iconoclasm - Behind The Smile
D05-Mold Crevice - Permanence Slit Into Her I & II

 Various - Tied To An Abuse

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