lundi 7 novembre 2011

Nový Svet – Into Your Skies

Label: Reue Um Reue
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album, Limited to 507 hand-numbered copies
Style: Folk

Tracklist :

A1 All Purity Quenched 1:25
A2 Days Will Come 2:15
A3 Empires 1:05
A4 Blind 3:00
A5 Violet 1:39
A6 Bitch 1:51
A7 How 1:37
A8 Howl Like A Wolf 1:57
A9 Free 1:48
A10 You Make Me Sick 0:51
A11 Try It All 2:18
A12 A Machine You Are 2:50

B1 Bitter Places 3:34
B2 Always On My Mind 2:33
B3 Meat & Sex 1:52
B4 Sober Song 2:54
B5 Ashes 1:55
B6 Butterfly's Destiny 1:49
B7 Sober 1:16
B8 Into Your Skies 1:41
B9 Silver & Grey 3:11
B10 Chelsea Slaughter 2:01

Nový Svět - Into Your Skies

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  3. Thanks for posting other people's music so that people can listen to it and gain the artists exposure.

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