mercredi 24 août 2011

Panicsville – Perverse

Label: Liquid Death / Hello Pussy Records
Format: CD, Enhanced, Limited Edition
Style: Abstract, Noise
Notes: Limited to 500 copies with the first 50 copies sealed in latex.

Track 1 is a Video called Convulsion Expulsion.
2-Caprophiliaktionist 3:34
3-Strange Connection 5:18
4-Werewolf Section 4:13
5-Concentration 4:16
6-Nihilist Youth Movement 4:06
7-The Thing In The Cave 7:24
8-Define Pervert 4:42
9-Lent An Ear (With Qlipthotic Analogies By Michael Roulade) 11:45
10-The Valley Of Eternal Chaos 4:40


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