mardi 22 février 2011

Slogun - Two By Four

Label:Circle Of Shit
Format:CDr, Business Card, Limited Edition
The two-track business card CD comes inside a full color 32-page comic book sized "magazine" of serial killer and mental patient artwork, letters, poetry, photos/negatives and fingerprint charts, as well as some of own artwork and writing by John Balistreri. There are also inserts: a postcard, two business cards representing each track, and a print representing an element of the magazine. All parts of the release come in a black polybag with title postcard on front. Strictly limited to 200 numbered copies.
Style:Noise, Power Electronics

1 Random 2:15
2 Pocket 2:15

Slogun - Two By Four

vendredi 18 février 2011

Barzel - Born To Destroy Amalek

Label:Topheth Prophet
Format:CD, Album, Limited Edition
Limited to 500 copies.
Style:Power Electronics

1 Zion Ascendant
2 Through Clouds Of Fire
3 Lone Wolves Of Zion
4 Born To Destroy Amalek
5 Ha’ Shomer (The Guard)
6 New Sicarii
7 Victory
8 This Land Is Our Land (Greater Israel)
9 One Truth, Not Two
10 ...We Shall Wash Our Feet In The Blood Of The Wicked


Barzel - Born To Destroy Amalek

Steel Hook Prostheses - Atrocitizer

Label:Malignant Records

Format:CD, Album, Digipak

Style:Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise


1 Dehumanization

2 Murderous Science

3 Tepid Discharge

4 In Dreams We Are Malevolent

5 Skin Melt Threshold

6 Scarifier (Alternate Version)

7 Trauma Bonding

8 Grand Declaration Of Obedience

9 Atrocitizer

10 The Excruciation Sequence

dimanche 6 février 2011

C.C.C.C. / Jalopaz / Alchemy Of The 20th Century

Label:Freak Animal Records, Leg Meat
Format:CD, Limited Edition
Artwork By - Jonte Ekman , Mikko Aspa
Packaged in a greyscale-printed 6-panel square cover. Edition of 500 copies.
Track 2: recorded live at Anomalous Records on the 4th of November, 1996.
Track 3: part 1 recorded 1-2 Feb. 97, part 2 recorded 10 Nov. 96, part 3 recorded 25 Nov. 96. Digitally remastered 25 March 1997.

Style:Industrial, harsch noise

1 C.C.C.C. - Magick In The Cave 22:03
2 Jalopaz - Espantapajaros 23:05
3 Alchemy Of The 20th Century - Unreal Monuments 20:11

C.C.C.C.  Jalopaz  Alchemy Of The 20th Century

Tormentum - Plowshares To Bombshells

Format:Vinyl, LP, Limited Edition
Comes in handsprayed handmade foldout sleeve. Limited hand-numbered edition of 373 copies.
Style:Industrial, Noise
A1 Creating Wastelands
A2 Happy Slaves
A3 Power Of Love
A4 You Failed
A5 Tanatophobie
B1 Lethal Ejaculation
B2 N.E.M.A.
B3 To War
B4 Human Bomb
B5 Shaved And Raped
B6 Plowshares To Bombshells