dimanche 15 décembre 2013

Budrus - Devyniems Rytams Auštant

Label:Not On Label DIY
Format:CD, Album, Limited Edition, Digipak
Style:Industrial, Ambient


01-Nešamas/Entrained 0:53
02-Skleisme Vyta/Droop In Burgeon 6:08
03-Aidi Agila Gelmej/Agila Echoes In The Deep 8:18
04-Dulksna Randa/Mizzle Finds 7:48
05-Draskyti Sapna. Atbulom Link Skliauto/To Tear Apart The Dream. Backwards Toward Dome 3:25
06-Pjutyje/In The Reaping 6:19
07-Branduolinio Ryto Pašvaisteje/Glow Of Nuclear Morning 3:37
08-Verinio/Necklace's 5:20
09-Budraujant/White Wake 7:21

Budrus - Devyniems Rytams Austant

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