samedi 14 juillet 2012

Hermit - Bizarre Rituals In Honour Of The Capitalist Machine

Label:Scrotum Records, I Shot God, Garbage Society, Santiago Records
Format:Vinyl, 7", limited edition
Style:Industrial, Noise


side "HR"
01-Assembly line     1:00    
02-Malfunction?     1:00    
03-Factory Accident     1:00    
04- News Broadcast (recorded 02/10/97 in Victoria, B.C.)     1:00    

side "MT"
05-Lost In A House (recorded live 28/08/98 with M. Kohring at Conniin Dresden - Germany)     2:00
06-Inferiority Complex (recorded live 11/09/98 with J. Flower at Espace Autogere in Lausanne - Switzerland) 2:0


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