lundi 2 juillet 2012

Green Army Fraction – Chlorophyll Flood

Label:Steinklang Industries
Style:Power Electronics

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01-Green Army Fraction-Western Failure     5:25    
02-Green Army Fraction-Agrarian Übermensch    6:38    
03-Green Army Fraction-A Man Of Steel     5:04    
04-Green Army Fraction-Green-Brown Axis Rising     5:54    
05-Green Army Fraction-Return To Gaia's Womb     9:34    
06-Green Army Fraction-Fixing Up Phom Phen     3:34    
07-Green Army Fraction-The Green Army Fraction     4:18    
08-Green Army Fraction-Great Shiva Ascending     5:22    
09-Green Army Fraction-A Slaughter Of Slave-Sentiments     3:14
Green Army Fraction – Chlorophyll Flood

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