samedi 13 novembre 2010

Slogun - A Breed Apart-The Die Song

Label:BloodLust!, Circle Of Shit
Style:Power Electronics, Noise
Notes:A Breed Apart originally released on cassette (Slaughter, 1996).
The Die Song originally released on Listen And Die! 6xcassette (Slaughter, 1997).


A Breed Apart
01-Schaefer 6:59
02-Antecedent Behavior 7:56
03-Wicked King Wicker 6:42
04-Blind Fury 14:30
05-Glattman 6:56
The Die Song
06-Victims... 4:54
07-...In Pain 2:08
08-Danny Boy 4:33
09-It's In Me 4:05
1-Rise For Me 2:03
11-For Heather 3:56

Slogun - A Breed Apart- the Die Song

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