lundi 1 février 2010

Various - Viva Negativa! - A Tribute To The New Blockaders Volume I

Format:4 x Vinyl, LP, Compilation Box Set, Limited Edition
Style:Industrial, Noise, Experimental
A1 Asmus Tietchens - Kranzniederlegung
A2 Keith Fullerton Whitman - Sept. 27th. 1960
A3 Nocturnal Emissions - This Morphing Void
A4 Plethora - Last Night I Dremt Of Anti-Fest, This Morning I Woke Up Deaf
A5 Silvum - Discreet Charms
B1 SRMeixner - The Church Of The Absurd
B2 Haters, The - Mantra To Rot
B3 Daniel Menche - Smoldered Blockaders
B4 Nobuo Yamada - Prickle / Crevice
B5 Komafuzz - Damage Ax
C1 Ashtray Navigations - New Paint For Antisilence
C2 Zbigniew Karkowski - Chopped Mod
C3 Anomali - T.N.B.R.I.P.
C4 John Wiese - Annul
C5 Benzo - Nothing Controls Something
D1 Vortex Campaign - The Black Box
D2 Evil Moisture - New Kids On The Blockaders
D3 Cisfinitum - Out
D4 Massimo (2) - History Of Everything
D5 MSBR - TNSBRupenus
E1 Jason Kahn - Rille
E2 Controlled Bleeding - The Latest Hole In My Head
E3 Pita - TNB II53
E4 V/Vm - What A Way To Go Shakey
E5 Treriksröset - Negativt Fortroendekapital
F1 Grunt - Saarto
F2 Thurston Moore - Corion Sound For T.N.B.
F3 Richard Ramirez - Cultural Blockade
F4 Scanner - Kohekohe
G1 Oren Ambarchi - Something From Nothing
G2 Emil Beaulieau - Anti-Vartan
G3 Dieter Müh - HOHL
G4 Z'EV - Chips For The New Block
G5 Lockweld - Catharsis Bomb
H1 Kraang - Silvers On Glass And Steel
H2 K.K. Null - Song X
H3 Prurient - Majdanek Slaughterhouse
H4 Freiband - Nichts

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